Tales from Thailand

When I tell people I’ve packed in my job as Deputy News Editor at a radio station to travel Asia, the word usually used to describe me is ‘brave’.

I suppose in a way it is. Giving up routine is a struggle, because you’re pulling away from the warmth of familiarity and comfort of consistency.

For me, the decision was made after a two-week trip to Thailand.

In November 2015, I was persuaded to fork out £800 on a Thai Intro holiday with my cousin Lauren, and best friend Hannah (excluding the £400 flights!).

I’d never been that far from home before on my own and was in a five-year relationship, so I was happy with staying put on the south coast of England for a while.

There we were at the airport, backpacks fastened, looking far from fresh thanks to the 6am flight, with parents running through a checklist for the 100th time (you forget your passport twice and suddenly you’re a liability!).

I was smiling but secretly dreading the distance and having to spend a fortnight in a bikini next to my fellow model-physique travellers.

But once I’d arrived and settled into the swing of the hostel lifestyle I couldn’t imagine going back to my nine to five. I’d seen too much and wanted to explore more but the thought of seeing my boyfriend and family convinced me to get back on the plane home.

Here’s a few photos I took on my trip, that help remind me why I want so desperately to go back…

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park

Phi Phi island, Phuket

Koh Phangan, Sarana bungalows


Koh Phangan

Grand Palace, Bangkok

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