What to pack for your Asia adventure

Packing for a long journey is tricky at the best of times, but when it’s in a 60 litre backpack you can be bursting at the seams.

I read a few blog posts on what to include in mine, and funnily enough it wasn’t clothes that took up the most room, but all the other bits you wouldn’t think of!

Medication/first aid

Probiotics to help with healthy digestion

Melatonin for long journeys on buses and trains

Cold and flu capsules for pesky air con

Paracetamol for too many the night before

Diarrhoea relief…you know what for

Contraceptives to avoid a backpacking baby

Plasters to cover the cuts

Antiseptic cream to sooth the sores

Thrush cream you’re probably going to need it!

Sun cream to protect you’re body wrapping

Bug spray to prevent the invaders sucking you dry


Shampoo and conditioner (eventually you’ll just water wash most of the time)

Soap for washing clothes as you’ll be using the sink when out in the sticks

Shaver to make sure the only forests you see are the ones which look better au-natural

Toothbrush to keep your nashers nice!

Toothpaste to accompany the toothbrush as it gets lonely

Hand sanitiser because not every loo will be fit for a queen

Nail file because if you’re like me you’ll go nuts if one splits

Toenail clippers (see above for details)

Clothing 5 pairs of socks as you’ll be in sandals most of the time

7 pairs of underwear as you can wear them inside out or sink wash if that sounds gross

3 swimsuits/bikinis you’ll probably want to buy some out there as they’re super cheap

2 bras plus one gym bra if you need extra support

Leggings or light trousers for mild days and hiking

1 pair of jeans for the evenings

Scarf or sarong for beach and temples as women must cover their shoulders

Shorts for beach and gym if you feel guilty after that last dumpling

Light jumper which is a blessing for long, heavily air-conditioned journeys

Denim jacket if you can carry it for evenings and chilly days

Waterproof jacket (a lifesaver when it’s winter and bloody rainy!)


Flip flops for putting those god-given toes on display (Havana is a good brand)

Sandals for daytime exploring and nighttime antics

Trainers that can be used for hikes and running if need be


Phone for staying connected and taking that life-changing Instagram pic

iPad or laptop for writing shiz

Chargers to provide the juice of life

Camera to really look the hipster part

Headphones to block out your travel partner 🙈


Passport because you won’t get far without one

Credit or debit cards (make copies and leave at home with family just in case!)

driving licence in case you’re not comfortable taking your passport out

List of important numbers including insurance company, embassies, family, and banks

Visas don’t get swindled by an online company as you can buy these when you land


Silk sleeping bag liner for keeping you cool and dodgy looking sheets (one hostel gave us one with a muddy handprint!)

Waterproof bag to protect your valuables during water based activities

Bum bag for fashion of course 😂

Purse to keep money and cards together

Burner purse to throw at a scary thief (seriously though put in 10 dollars and old cards)

Rucksack for daytime wondering

Ear plugs to block out the world for a good night/day’s kip

Eye mask (see above for details)

Neck pillow never leave home without it!

Travel wallet to keep important documents in one place

Water bottle hydration is cool 👍

Note pad and pen for that million dollar idea

Jewellery (one or two necklaces for the evening)

Hair bands which I also like to call ‘keep shit together bands’

Travel sewing kit cheaper than buying something new

Mini scissors for when you’ve had enough of your travel partner

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