Hanoi itinerary

Where to stay

See you at Lily’s was a fantastic bohemian hostel right in the heart of the capital. It has been running for 15 years, and built up a great awareness online. Everywhere worth visiting was a up to a fifteen minute walk away. The staff were incredibly helpful planning the next step of our journey, and helping when Joe fell ill. Ti is the main man to speak to. Private ensuite rooms will cost around $25.

What to do

Soak up the atmosphere and mouth watering smells of street food in the Old Quarter.

Take a moment to appreciate the deep rooted religion at Ngoc Son Temple $1.30 per person.

Visit the Vietnam Military Museum, $1.70 per person.

Enjoy the colonial architecture and luxury lifestyle in the French Quarter (be prepared to spend more here!)

Where to eat and drink

Notes Coffee is an incredible place near Hoan Kiem Lake where you can get lost in traveller messages from all over the world. 2 drinks will set you back $4.

Lily’s Local Restaurant is connected to the hostel and guests get 30% off the bill. We scoffed down a starter, two mains and two teas for just $7.70.

Banh Mi 25 is a street food/cafe sandwich shop which was recommended to me by a friend. Only $1.60 for two!

lAcA is an upstairs restaurant/bar which gives you a great view of the bustling street below. We spent hours people watching and enjoying a delicious meal. Starter, 2 mains and 2 alcoholic coffees cost $16.

Pho 10 was always busy and never without a queue. It was rated one of the best places for authentic Vietnamese food in the city and it didn’t disappoint in taste and value for money. It’s only beef soup, but it’s cooked to your preference. $2.64 for 2.

Top tips

  • Get a flu jab a month before landing (Joe learnt the hard way!)
  • Use Grab to get around by car or bike as it’s a set price (Asia equivalent of Uber).
  • Download Maps.me to help get around the city.
  • Don’t be afraid to step out into traffic at crossing points, they’ll usually move around you.
  • Chat to people at the hostel to find out the best places to visit.
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