Da Nang, the city of light in photos

This city really comes alive at night. Walking around feels like you’re at a Daft Punk concert, with techno, multi-coloured light displays on skyscrapers and an eclectic mix of music pouring out of bars and restaurants along the river bank. On Saturday and Sunday head to the Dragon Bridge for 9pm to watch it breath real fire over a crowd of hundreds of amazed tourists and locals.

During the day the magic diminishes, as the cover of darkness no longer hides the large scale construction work on expensive hotels and apartments. Head to the beach to soak up some much needed rays and enjoy a cocktail at the many bars that line the shore.

Excursion-wise there’s not a great deal to do, but you can enjoy a mud bath or head to the mountains to check out the hot springs for the day.

Here’s our favourite photos from our two day trip…

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